Procurement Solutions

Simple yet powerful procurement solutions for local governments

Create High Quality Documents in Half the Time

Govlist starts at the beginning of the procurement process, before the solicitation document has even been created. We structure the RFx document creation process using the rules and legal requirements of your organization.

Next we use our guided workflow and content suggestion engine to assist the user through the process of creating a document. Built utilizing the best practices of other top procurement organizations, users will produce consistent, complete and compliant documents every time.

Content Suggestion Engine

Govlist provides content suggestions to users as they create documents. We pull suggestions from our database of historical documents and suggest those most relevant to a particular project. Suggestions are also fully customizable to each government, so users will always have the best content available to them.

Boilerplate Automation

Completely automate documents, forms, and paperwork. Standardize document-writing across your organization by utilizing templates and document compilation. Automate boring paperwork and boilerplate language with our customizable writing and reviewing module.

Step by Step Guidance

Each part of the RFx writing process is broken down into actionable steps. We provide comprehensive guidance and include example content at each step of the process. We built these guidelines in collaboration with some of the top procurement teams in the U.S. and have utilized many of their best practices.


Govlist provides a wide array of options for exporting your documents. In addition to our beautiful web view, you may export projects to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Adobe PDF, or as a zip file containing the document and all file attachments.

Data Analytics

Put Your Data to Work

Fully leverage valuable data and insights from your procurement processes. Govlist’s analytics tools collects detailed metrics on your organization’s procurement process and surfaces them with interactive charts and graphs.

Better Data, Better Decisions

Use analytics to help solve your biggest challenges and take the guess work out of decision making. Discover how quickly projects are being processed and learn where the bottlenecks are in each phase of the project.

Real-Time Updates

Always be up to date with real-time delivery of data analytics.

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