Government Purchasing Reimagined

The future of public procurement starts at the beginning...
by modernizing the toolset for developing and publishing your bids and RFPs.

Govlist allows government agencies to create online, guided RFPs and bids that are interactive and intuitive. 30 page PDF documents are daunting and don’t leverage the possibilities for learning and collaboration on the web.  Govlist seeks to solve that with intuitive, online RFP experiences.  Now, local businesses appreciate the value of taking the time to be guided through an RFP with Govlist.  Reading and responding to an RFP has never been easier!

Govlist achieves this experience by replacing the word processor with an easy to use comprehensive RFP and bid development automation system based on your templates, procurement rules, and best practices of your agency. Centralize control over the boilerplates and processes, reduce paper, de-centralize the work. You’ll build high quality RFPs and bids that intuitively guide vendors while saving your agency 100s of hours in building RFPs with Govlist.

"Govlist has solved one of the hardest and most time consuming parts of government procurement. They've managed to make it easy to create bid documents. Procurement teams have been able to double their productivity and better serve their cities."
Jeff Friedman Former Co-Director at City of Philadelphia, Director of Modern Government at Microsoft

Procurement for the Modern Age

Govlist’s cloud based RFx creation software makes it effortless to get started with a bid solicitation. Our guided workflow walks the user through the process step by step.

Once the document has been created, our suite of review and collaboration tools expedite the feedback and revision cycle.

Document Generator

Govlist abstracts the legal language and boilerplate, so your team can focus on creating great content. The Govlist suggestion engine provides content recommendations, making document creation even easier.

Review & Collaboration

Our comprehensive set of review tools allow teams to comment and collaborate during the review phase of a project and is backed up by full document revision history.


Simplify the review process with our approvals workflow. Know at a glance the status of each approver and gain greater transparency into the process. Instant notifications keep everyone in the loop and the project moving forward.

Data Analytics

Gain rich insight into your organization’s procurement pipeline with our data analytics dashboard. Track documents, collaborators, and workflows across departments.

Proven Results

Expedite Procurements

Get the goods and services your organization needs quicker and spend less staff time in the process. Govlist reduces the time to generate an RFx by 50%.

Ensure Compliance

Govlist handles legal requirement and boilerplate language, ensuring that your team is producing compliant documents using industry best practices.

Better Outcomes

Our streamlined workflow creates consistently structured and easy to read documents, leading to improved vendor response rates and making it easier to identify the best vendor for the job.

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